Suzuki selective rotation

Suzuki Selective Rotation Suzuki has taken the lead once again in pioneering cutting edge outboard motor technology with the introduction of Suzuki Selective Rotation. When installing two or more outboards to the transom of a boat a combination of regular rotation and counter rotation units is normally used, which currently means using two separate outboard.. read more →

The New Generation DF50 and DF40

HIGH PERFORMANCE DOHC 12-VALVE ENGINE Suzuki engineers based the new DF50 and DF40 engine on Suzuki’s proven in-line three-cylinder 12-valve engine. This high performance engine has a displacement of 941cm3 and features a DOHC powerhead—the only DOHC engine used in the 36.8kW (50PS)/29.4kW (40PS) outboard class—with four valves per cylinder, and an air intake system.. read more →

Compact, Lightweight and Fuel Efficient—The All New DF60

The all-new DF60 is designed by Suzuki engineers to deliver fuel-efficient operation in a compact and light weight outboard. Utilizing many of the advancements and achievements that Suzuki has pioneered over the last decade in designing and developing four-stroke outboards, Suzuki engineers have produced a sleek formed DF60 that ranks top in the 44.1kW (60PS).. read more →

DF300 Provides The Ultimate in Efficiency and Power

The original, Innovation Award winning, DF300 broke new ground. It was the very first 220.7kW (300 PS) 4-stoke outboard and it set a new benchmark for performance and power from a compact and lightweight outboard. Now Suzuki has taken this ultimate outboard to the next level. The addition of Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control technology and.. read more →