Suzuki outboard engines

2017 Suzuki outboards

Suzuki DF115ATL
Exceptional features such as a forged one piece crankshaft, race-proven 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust system, computer controlled fuel injection.
8 400 EUR excl. VAT
Suzuki DF140ATL
The lightweight and compact DF140ATL offers blistering performance due to the best power-to-weight ratio of any production four stroke in its class.
9300 EUR excl. VAT
Suzuki DF150TL
Large displacement yet remarkably light in weigh.
9 990 EUR excl. VAT
Suzuki DF175TL
Large displacment yet remarkably light in weight.
starts from 10990EUR excl. VAT
The DF225 and DF200 have the same highly advanced 3614cc V6 four stroke engine as the DF250.
12950EUR excl. VAT
Suzuki DF250 APX
Award winning design integrates both regular and counter-rotation into a single unit.
15185 EUR excl. VAT
Suzuki DF300APX Lean Burn
Suzuki makes the ultimate breakthrough - the new DF300APX provides the ultimate in efficiency and power.
15 900 EUR excl. VAT
Suzuki DF40ATL
2011 NMMA Innovation Award Winner - the new DF40A Lean Burn.
4 850 EUR excl. VAT
Suzuki DF50ATL
2011 NMMA Innovation Award Winner - the new DF50ATL Lean Burn.
5 100 EUR excl. VAT